Integrated Assessment Plan (IAP)

As soon as a child or young person is recognised as having additional educational needs, person centred planning needs to be implemented to ensure that everyone involved works together to meet those needs. In most situations schools are best placed to identify and meet the educational needs of the majority of children and young people.

An integrated assessment plan should begin at the point at which it is thought that a child or young person may need some support in relation to their Special Educational Needs or Disability. An Assessment Co-ordinator needs to be identified and in many cases it is envisioned that this would be the school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) but this is not necessarily the case.

Through the use of appropriate person centred planning meetings and reviews, an action plan will be determined  which will have the full involvement of the child, young person and their parents, carers and other agencies or individuals as appropriate. This will be in the form of an Integrated Assessment Plan (IAP).

The plan will identify the resources and support that are needed in order to meet a child or young person’s needs and will also identify the need for any additional assessments or involvement of additional professionals.

An Integrated Assessment Plan will not always mean that and EHC assessment will be necessary.

To see what Oldhams Integrated Assessment Plan (IAP) template looks like, click the link below.

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