Requesting a particular school or college on an EHC Plan

When requesting a particular school or college is named on an EHC plan, there are very specific duties that must be undertaken by Local Authorities and other institutions and bodies who have to have a duty to the SEND Code of Practice 0-25.

The button below links directly to the relevant chapter in the SEND Code of Practice and we would encourage you to be aware of these duties if you are undertaking and EHC Plan Assessment process.

Parents, Carers and Young People also need to be aware that once a draft EHC Plan has been issued, you have only 15 days to review the plan and make any representations including making a request for a particular school or college.

The button below gives you all the relevant information about making such a request.

Remember… Oldham SEND IAS Service can offer information, advice and support in all matters relating to EHC Plan processes so please contact us to access our service.

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