Who is eligible for an EHC Plan?

Children or young people aged 0-25 are eligible for an EHC Plan, providing they remain in education or training (including apprenticeships).

Young people who are going to university or become employed will not be eligible for an EHC Plan.

Any child or young person that currently has a statement will have an EHC Plan. Any young person between the ages of 16 and 19 who currently have a LDA may also have an EHC Plan.

It is important to note that All children who are eligible for a statement should also be eligible for an EHC Plan. The only cases where existing children and young people with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or a Learning Disability assessment might not change over to an EHC Plan are:

  • Their needs have significantly changed.
  • Your child or young person is no longer in education or training before the planned changeover.

Parents and young people will be contacted by Oldham Local Authority prior to any transfer of their child, young person’s or their own current Statement of Special Educational Needs.

For more information about the transition plans in Oldham,  please click the link below.

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